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Best Seller

Ajwa dates
MRP: RS.730 RS.715.00
Ajwain phool
MRP: RS.50 RS.50.00
Akrot Magaz walnut
MRP: RS.199 RS.170.00
  • Gluten Free,Organic, Fresh & Vacuum Packed, Mix Into Salads For A Healthy, Nutty Crunch
  • High in anti oxidants, slows the ageing process and keeps diseases away
  • Walnuts Are Rich Source Of Energy As It Has Got All The Nutrients, Minerals, Anti - oxidants & Vitamins
  • Walnuts Act As Brain Charges & Increases Memory And Congnitive Function Of The Body.
  • It Reduces Blood Pressure & Coronary Artery Disease, Strokes & Breast, Colon & Prostate Cancers
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    Aloevera juice
    MRP: RS.185 RS.175.00
    Amla Usrikaya Powder
    MRP: RS.80 RS.80.00
  • Anti-Hair fall: Amla contains oodles of essential fatty acids, which strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and lustre
  • Premature hair graying: The surplus of vitamin C in amla can help halt premature graying
  • Dandruff Control: Not only amla is a great hair conditioner but also an effective treatment for dandruff
  • Hair Colorant: If you want to enhance the natural colour of your hair, all you have to do is mix amla with henna powder
  • Itchy scalp: One of the best remedies for a dry, flaky and itchy scalp is amla, it has the ability to penetrate the scalp deeply and nourish it from within
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    MRP: RS.728 RS.728.00
    Ashwagandha lehya
    MRP: RS.150 RS.150.00
    Ashwagandha Nagori
    MRP: RS.110 RS.110.00
    MRP: RS.215 RS.215.00
    Badam oil
    MRP: RS.240 RS.240.00
    Almond oil had been used extensively for its health benefits and as a beauty aid much before science caught up with its goodness. Its purity is something you can trust with your eyes closed. The sweet almond oil has all your health and beauty secrets packed in a bottle and comes exclusively from edible almonds is selectively cultivated for their sweet taste. It is the oil popularly used for skin and hair care. It has many culinary uses too. munnalaldawasaz.in a sweet almond oil it's perfect health, Good For heart, Fight Dandruff, Nourishes Skin, prenatal / postnatal care.

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